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Business Law


Business Planning. Business planning involves structuring your business to minimize the potential for personal liability.  It also involves acquiring proper insurance coverage and making sure that the corporate formalities are properly observed.  We can help you form your business to minimize your personal liability.


California Business & Professions Code 17200 et seq. Claims.  These types of claims can be the most difficult to deal with from a defendant's point of view.   Even seemingly harmless conduct can form the basis for such a claim.  We can help you defend against such claims by taking an aggressive approach to the defense.


Enforcing/Avoiding Contracts. The basic requirements for forming a binding contract include an offer, acceptance, and consideration. To be enforceable, a contract must be formed by consenting and competent parties. A party may be excused from performing under a contract by proving a defense to breach of contract. Such defenses include duress, fraud and misrepresentation, mistake, lack of consideration, and the statute of frauds.  We deal with issues related to enforcing valid contracts, as well as defending against contract claims.


Asset Protection.  You must protect yourself before you get sued.  Asset protection is often the best form of insurance because the best defense to a lawsuit is to be judgment-proof.







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